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Including full templates you can download and customize

You’ve signed a client – huzzah!

Now you want to make a great first impression and set the tone for a productive and positive working relationship.

Your welcome packet not only gives you the opportunity to set the tone of this relationship from the start, but it allows you to include the essential legal and contractual documents that make sure everyone knows where they stand, including what rights both parties have, along with things like expected behaviors, guarantees, payment schedules, and logistical things like how to book sessions, deliverables etc.

I personally recommend using the opportunity of the welcome packet to include not just the important contractual elements (believe me, having a contract is a must to protect both you and your client) but also to set out the tone of your working relationship. You can include things like:

  • How many sessions you will meet for
  • Email contact between sessions
  • how to book further sessions
  • Boundaries around contact time (e.g. is it ok for clients to contact you outside of agreed hours? If so, how often and in what circumstances?)
  • Promises and guarantees
  • How much challenge and push back a client may prefer
  • confidentiality
  • Copyrights and ownership of materials
  • Refunds and complaints procedures
  • Payment schedules

In this video, I explain more and you can find sample templates you can download and tailor for your own use.

Download The Templates Below

Templates and Done For You Forms

Important note: These are example contracts and are NOT guaranteed to be legally binding in your country of residence. To be sure of the legality, you should get a local legal professional to review any documents before sending them out to clients

As a member of The Meaningful Business Academy, you are free to take these and tailor them for your own use – you don’t have to give attribution. You are prohibited from reselling, sharing or distributing them or using them as templates for others. 


Please Note: although many of these templates refer to you being a ‘coach’, they can easily be amended to suit your modality and profession. 

Sample Contract For Coaches

This document is an example of a Coaching contract. You can use it as a basis for your own contract remembering to amend the details like the number of sessions, fees, terms etc.


Sample Contract For Counsellers

This document is an example of a Counselling contract. You can use it as a basis for your own contract remembering to amend the details like the number of sessions, fees, terms etc.


Payment Schedule/Set Up

Layout payment terms, method, and schedules.


Sample Confidentiality Agreement

Having a confidentiality agreement in place protects both you and your client and helps to build trust and create a sense of safety for your client. This sample agreement lays out some of the things you want to include but feel free to add your own too.


Client Accountability Questionnaire

Coaching (and many other forms of service based interactions) involve a degree of accountability.  That’s a big part of why people hire a coach, right? It’s useful to have a conversation up front about how the client would like to be held accountable and what their preferred style/approach is. Of course, if you’re just starting your relationship, the client may not know how they prefer to be held accountable and it will likely evolve over the course of your partnership, this template will give you the starting point to begin that conversation.

Sample Code Of Ethics

This is a general code of ethics to send to your clients as part of your welcome packet. Of course, depending on your profession, you may adhere to a code of ethics specific to any associations, certification bodies, or professional organizations you belong to – so you can substitute those in place of the ones below or include them in addition.


Sample Client Preparation Form

You may want clients to do certain things in between coaching sessions – these can be home/play work, pre-session reviews, daily mindfulness sessions – or whatever works for your practice and client goals.

You may want to set up a Google Form or even have your pre-session questions included with your booking/scheduling system as many of them have this feature.