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Welcome to the Gorgeous Graphics Course! In this first chapter, I’m going to guide you through a VERY rough and ready process to decide on your brand tone and style – including colors.

The video below explains more.

We’re going to take a VERY rough and ready approach to your brand imagery here. Why? Because we want to get you focused on the RIGHT things that are going to grow your visibility and therefore gain you clients, and in all honesty, having the ‘perfect’ branding is a nice to have rather than an essential. 

But what we ARE going to do is guide you through creating your starter brand pack – decide on colors, look/feel, and tone so that you can create your own logo and beautiful, eye-catching graphics for your business. 

Watch the video above and then download the worksheet. Here is a link to the color wheel to help you choose your 2 key colors and this article from Canva is also useful because it shows you 100 potential color combinations (but limit yourself to 10 minutes MAX perusing the options. As one of my friends recently said, ‘stuff like this is like visual crack!” – so if you feel yourself getting addicted and unable to make a decision, cut yourself off immediately!)

Rough & Ready Branding Worksheet