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Upcoming Events

Find out when the next group coaching and co-working sessions are


Here’s How You Access Our Community  Coaching and Co-Working Sessions:


Group Coaching

Group Coaching happens once per month via Zoom. Here is the link to log in 

If you can’t make the call but have a question you’d like answered or a piece of content you’d like reviewing, simply go over to the Facebook group and pop your question or piece of content you’d like reviewing and we’ll make sure it’s covered on the call. You can then catch the recording which will be posted in the Facebook group.

You can access recordings of our previous group calls here.


Co-working Sessions.

Want to get stuff done alongside colleagues? Sick of working on your own but still want to get your head down and make some consistent progress? Co-working sessions are the answer!

Held once a month via zoom, we log in, touch-base, declare what we’ll be working on and then get on with it. We have a break, a bit of chat, and then we do it again! Think consistent action with inbuilt accountability.

The link to access the calls is here:

Please note, these calls are not recorded!



Calendar Of Upcoming Events: