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Pinpoint YOUR Uniqueness

To stand out in a crowded market takes 1 thing – and you, fortunately, have it already – yourself! Understanding and promoting what makes YOU different is key to your ‘brand‘

It’s all about you baby

The name of the game is discovering your own brand of magic and own your space in the universe.

I know it can feel like there  are a gazillion coaches and healers out there. We’re often told how over saturated the market is, which I find both depressing and infuriating. Depressing that the prevailing message is such a negative one and infuriating that it’s becoming the prevailing message.

Yes, there are a lot more practioners out there than there were 5 or 10 years ago. And yes, that means that SOME of what worked for life coaches, or reiki healers or massage therapists (or whatever flavour of the healing arts you practice)  5 or 10 years ago to get clients probably won’t work now.


It also means that people’s awareness of coaching and healing continues to increase. It’s becoming more and more commonplace for people from all walks of life to have a coach, or to visit a healer or holistic practitioner. It’s legitimate in a way it wasn’t when I first started out and that’s fantastic.

But yes, it also means it can be more difficult to stand out and be seen in the marketplace. It’s no longer a viable business model to start a blog about personal development type stuff, develop an e-course and do some guest blogging.

You need an angle. Something that differentiates you from all the other folks out there. (note, I didn’t say niche!)

And that angle is YOU.

Because the work we do is all about the relationship and relationships are about people. You, I do believe – are a person.

And that’s where we start to build your business – from you.

Chapter 1 : Your Onlyness

I’m going to show you how to understand your ‘onlyness’ the point in the universe that only YOU occupy.

Chapter 2 : Strengths, Values, Vision & Purpose

We’ll begin to excavate your strenghts, values, vision and purpose – because these become the cornerstones of your brand.