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Pinpoint Your Uniqueness

Chapter 3. Your Skills

Let’s focus on your skills.

Think of all of the skills you’ve learned over the years – don’t limit yourself to just what you do as part of your coaching or healing work – go broader.

It’s really common for those of us who’ve had previous professional experiences to our current work to almost want to erase those things  -especially if we’ve had a bad experience in a previous role.

For example, I hit burnout in one of my earlier corporate jobs and when I discovered coaching it was like a light going on. It was all I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I wanted to pretend that it hadn’t happened because it was so fixed in my brain as a horrible and stressful experience. For a long time, I steered clear of anything I had learned in that role. But despite it ending in a stressful and dark way, I’d actually learned a ton in that role – INCLUDING what not to do to keep myself well. 

All of that learning, from how to make a simple spreadsheet to how to effectively chair a meeting has been useful in some way to me in my business. Even the fact that I’m so familiar with how certain types of corporate entities work has meant I can use that knowledge when helping clients around corporate coaching. 

Even those skills outside of work or business need to be laid out. Not necessarily because you’re going to directly use them all in your business (although, who knows?) but because we want to hone in on your Onlyness – and we need a full picture in order to do that. 

For example, if you make a really great lasagne – put that down. Do a near perfect headstand? Put that down too. Now is not the time to over analyse or limit yourself – if you can do it, put it down. (feel free to use an extra page.)

(Hint- this might be a long list and that’s totally cool!)

This exercise is a way of collecting evidence – evidence of your abilities. And this evidence is a key tool in your defence against the dark arts tool kit (aka, how to stop the nagging voice in your head that says you know nothing – you’ve got the evidence to refute that.)

Remember this is about the intersections between and the combinations of all of those attributes you possess.

Ready? Download the worksheet and give it a go.