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Tag-lines and Elevator Pitches That Work

(And won't make you want to vomit at the networking meeting)

Do you ever get tongue-tied trying to explain what you do at events?

You’re not alone.

Knowing what to say when you’re at a networking meeting or just chatting with someone at a party can reduce even the most confident of us to gibbering wrecks. The problem is….

The Dreaded Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a term used to describe how you would explain what you do in the time it took to travel between floors in an elevator. Think a Mad Men era bossy boss man snapping – “You’ve got until the time this elevator reaches my office to convince me I should take this meeting!”
The problem is that most methods of compiling an elevator pitch feel really artificial.  And come on – we’ve all been to the networking meetings – you can tell the people who are really comfortable saying them and those who aren’t. And us meaningful business owners prefer a degree of honesty and humanity in our interactions – and most versions of the elevator pitch don’t allow for that. So here is a simple exercise that provides a lovely,  conversational alternative. I lay it out in the video below and then you can use the accompanying worksheet to craft your own.