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Social media is so much part of our daily lives it’s almost hard to remember us NOT having it. And for many business owners, the pressure to be on top of the social media game is immense. For us meaningful business owners, we’re faced with the dilemma – how much of our time do with invest in SM and how much on other forms of marketing? Which platforms should we be on? What should/shouldn’t we be posting? And how can we use technology to build deeper, more meaningful, more HUMAN connections with our potential clients and our communities? In a world filled with social media strategists who talk about Bots, data points and ROI, it’s nice to have Jackie Johnstone in your corner. Jackie is a social media strategist who places the emphasis firmly on personal and authentic connection when it comes to social media.

About Jackie

Jackie Johnstone is social & digital marketing strategist, writer, and speaker who believes true, caring engagement and service is the only “secret” to social media. It’s about real relationships and every single business owner CAN make it work. No matter how hard you think something is, Jackie can explain it in a way you’ll be able to understand and take action on. This means you can finally stop feeling confused and left behind and start confidently creating an online community that’s a real asset to your business–one you can be truly proud of. When social media becomes an irreplaceable source of genuine connection (and you actually ENJOY it rather than struggle with it), the benefits ripple across your entire business. You can connect with Jackie and find out more about her here