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Landing press coverage can build your audience, credibility and client roster – but it can be intimidating to even know where to start. So we’re thrilled to have Melody Wilding teaching this very special class that walks you through exactly how you can get covered by some of the top industry publications without spending money on PR firms or having a media contacts. This training will teach you how to get started landing visibility with press coverage, no matter where you are in your business journey.


You will walk away with…
  • A better understanding of how press visibility can drive real business results (not just be  fleeting ego boost)
  • A step-by-step guide to get started with Help a Reporter Out, the largest (FREE!) publicity tool in the world
  • Tips they can apply to get featured everywhere from Entrepreneur, Fast Company and Forbes to Women’s Health, Cosmo, and dozens more.

About Melody

Melody Wilding is a coach and licensed social worker who has built her business using her zero cost PR method that she teaches in this class.

First, the professional stuff:

  • For years she ran a research lab that studied human behavior and happiness at Rutgers University.
  • She has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Columbia University. She now teaches Human Behavior at CUNY Hunter College.
  • She writes about psychology for Inc., Forbes, Fast Company, and more.
  • She’s secretly a huge nerd –  was valedictorian of her class and is a bookworm at heart.
  • She believes in constantly and consistently educating herself, so she will always bring the latest evidence-based methods and research to her sessions.

If You Love This Class And Want To Take Your PR Approach To A Deeper Level

Check out Melody’s full PR course called The Media Darling Method.  It takes her PR approach goes into more depth and detail than our class here with templates and real-world examples of how to get featured in high profile publications and how you can leverage that coverage to build your audience and your client list.  AND if you use the code: MBA you will get 15% off the full price of the course.

Check out The Media Darling Method here:  The Darling Method