Here’s What I Want You To Know:

Building a Business doesn’t have to be Difficult, Lonely or Sleazy.

And yet way too often that seems like the only option.

Working from home. Feeling isolated. Stumbling in the dark spending hours (Weeks? Months?) scouring the internet for the answers to our questions when all we really want to do is earn a great living doing the work we feel we were put here to do.

Truth time? You can only get so far doing it alone

Bootstrapping is awesome – but there comes a point when it’s not enough.

You not only need information and skills but accountability and support to take consistent action.

And doing on your own is LONELY. You spend hours spinning your wheels, getting caught in perfectionism, procrastinating and feeling like your marketing approach is a time-consuming exercise akin to throwing spaghetti at a wall.

Welcome to the Meaningful Business Academy.

This is the place you’ll find community, courses, coaching, co-working, and done for you resources – to help you get up and running in your business fast – without wasting countless hours searching the internet for mediocre resources and feeling like you’re fumbling your way in the dark.

If the traditional, shouty business and marketing advice leaves you cold, we provide an alternative.

Here you’ll find solid marketing and business support with heart, soul, and community baked in.

Here you won’t find sleazy, manipulative marketing – just solid, effective strategies that will attract the right clients.

Allowing you to create a sustainable, business that does good in the world, without feeling like you’re selling your soul.

We believe business can be

Meaningful, Sustainable & Supported

What we do here:

When you’re in the early stages of building your service based business – whether you’re a coach, consultant, therapist or healer, the learning curve can be steep. We wanted to reduce that and address some of the other challenges we see other entrepreneurs wrestling with.



  • Feeling isolated and trying to figure it out on your own  – we provide a community of like-minded, brilliant healers and coaches – just like you.
  • Not knowing where to start – SO MANY OPTIONS! – We’ll guide you through with simple workflows.
  • Lack of business knowledge -We’ll give you the basics – enough to give you useful tools and systems but not so many you’ve no room for creativity.
  • Lack of marketing knowledge – We’ll give you ways to find, engage and inform your ideal clients – without having to spend every waking moment on social media.
  • Struggles with staying motivated – We’ve got tools to help you stay focused, inspired and right on track. oh and with a couple of ‘get back on the horse’ techniques too for the inevitable ‘this is all too hard’ days! Plus Get it done co-working days and live coaching to help you stay the course.
  • Knowing how to apply general advice to your specific issue – Your business is unique to you – but what strategies do you choose from the bazillion out there? We’ve got you covered.
  • Not having the funds to invest and outsource – but still wanting a great product/service to deliver. (Live coaching and get it done days to get targeted advice and support when you need it – without the big investment.


We’ve pulled together the resources and so you can build your meaningful business,  in WAY less time than it would take to do on your own, not to mention less crying, eating chocolate and spending time talking to the washing machine

Community, Support, Tools & Trainings to help you build the business you crave – without the hefty price tag

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What’s included?

Done For You Templates & Resources

From Client Agreements to scripts for awkward client conversations, There’s a whole library of resources you can download and use right away.

Business & Marketing Courses

No more searching the internet for the right course to teach you the marketing basics – we’ve got courses that cover How to get clients, social media marketing, blogging, podcasting & more.

Co-Working Sessions

One of the biggest challenges for solo-preneurs is staying focused and productive. In the academy, we have virtual co-working sessions so you can have dedicated, productive time & make lasting connections with fellow entrepreneurs.

Exclusive Member Discounts & Bonuses

As a member of the Academy, you’ll receive special pricing on one on one and group programs like The Supernova Collective and The M Word. As a Charter member, you’ll also receive a free 30 minute one on one lightning session with Jo (worth £100) after your third month in the academy

A Community of Like Minded Business Owners

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs who are on a similar path to you – building their meaningful business.

Live Coaching

When you’re building your business you need help – but paying for dedicated business coaching can be more of an investment than you’re able to make right now. In the Academy you’ll be able to get live coaching from Jo Casey on your business – all included in your monthly membership.

Masterclasses from Guest Experts

Every month we have a guest expert teaching a live masterclass. These include non-sleazy sales, how to grow your social media following,  Client onboarding and How to write a book to build your business.

Resource Guides

Don’t spend hours searching Facebook Groups and Google to find out which tools to use for scheduling, marketing, webinars, email etc. We include the tools we use plus some exclusive member discounts.

Specially Created Meditations & Guided Hypnosis Recordings

A strategy is essential for building a solid business but without tools to help you keep the right mindset, your business will feel like an uphill struggle. The Academy contains exclusive guided meditations and hypnosis sessions to blast mindset blocks and help you stay in the right frame of mind for success.

Roadmaps For Every Stage Of Your Business

With so many options out there to start, build and grow your business, it’s easy to feel like you’re lost in a sea of possibilities. We’ve created some simple yet powerful roadmaps for every stage of your business – from setting up, establishing yourself and growing beyond your wildest dreams.

When You’re Ready To Take Guided, Supported Action In You’re Business, You’re In The Right Place