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Guest posting (writing articles for publication on sites other than your own) is still a powerful way to grow your audience and if you enjoy writing then it’s a perfect strategy for you. But knowing some of the inside scoop on just how to approach publications to guest post will increase your chances of getting published immensely. Lara Heacock runs Kind Over Matter – a website focused on all things kindness that has long heralded the voices of interesting and new (as well as more experienced) writers. In this discussion, Lara shares her tips from a publishers perspective on how to approach a new publication with your article ideas, along with how to choose the best publications for your audience and writing style.  

About Lara and Kind Over Matter

  Kind Over Matter – The Feel Good Rabbit Hole of the Internet, since 2009. We’re a community of loving souls who are changing the world through kindness! Kind Over Matter starts with you. Being kind to yourself allows you to tap into and share your real self; to shine your light without fear or shame; to be creative, peaceful, and loving. This is how you do the world & yourself the greatest service. Become a beacon of kindness and love, and set an example that gives others permission to do the same. Sink into our heartwarming & inspirational content, designed to make you feel positive, mindful, lighter, braver, and most definitely loved. Make us part of your morning routine, and you’re sure to come out feeling revived, replenished, and ready to spread kindness over any matter. Kind Over Matter is a place that is filled with kindness, inspiration, creativity, truth, gentleness & love. This space is dripping with connection & I’m handing you the key. Think of it as a choose your own adventure. I give you my word that this community is big, warm & full of wholeheartedness & there is a place for YOU. Wanna be a part of all of this? KOM loves guest writers, click here for all the details on how to contribute to this amazing community.