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Hey There!

You know that bit in the scary movie where the protagonist is wandering about in the scary dark, trying to find the way out, and just stumbling about? That’s how it can feel when you’re first starting a business and trying to find clients.

The (very) good news is that you can get your biz off to a flying start by following my go-to strategy for coaches (and other service-based folks) in need of a boost – and the good news is it won’t cost you a penny. 

A boost of confidence

A boost of insight

A boost of testimonials, referrals and even clients.

My strategy? An intensive period of free coaching sessions.

But Wait! Are we not supposed to be ‘charging our worth???’

Yes – but in order to be in a position to do that you need to have the confidence, reputation, and track record to charge a decent amount. Now, you can struggle on for years – hoping clients will come your way, asking your friends and family to let you coach them, hang out at excruciating networking events trying to ‘sell’ yourself OR… you can follow the steps I followed to launch my coaching business over the course of a month that got me my first paying clients, a bunch of testimonials and a community of fans who helped spread my message on my behalf.

This is the strategy I used myself to pivot my business from resiliency coaching to business coach and I’ve taught this strategy to hundreds of new coaches, healers, and consultants – and it works a treat. 

BUT what if I’m NOT a new coach or healer but my business has gone a bit…flat?

No problem. The process works to reinvigorate your existing business too – giving you new insights into your ideal clients, clues for new programs and exposes you (ahem!) to a whole new client base.

Is it just for coaches? No –  I know it’s called Coaching Mojo but that’s just because that’s what it was called when I first launched it 3 years ago and was exclusively working with coaches. it’s since been tried by literally hundreds of service based folks – from healers to health coaches, holistic folk to executive consultants. It works for pretty much every kind of service based practitioner. and I couldn’t bring myself to change the name because, well, I like it!

Part 1 : Preparing the ground

Here we’re going to lay the groundwork – you’ll make some decisions about which group of people you want to target, explore where you can find them and start sketching out some messages to attract them.

Chapter 2 : Implementing

Here we’re going to get you into action – looking at logistics, how to set up the sessions and how to maximize their impact for you and your clients.


Chapter 3 : Conversing and Converting

Here we’re going to explore how you can gather the right sort of testimonials and feedback to use in your marketing and messaging and how you can experiment with simple sales conversations (that won’t make you want to lose your lunch) and convert some of those free sessions into paying clients.