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Ever noticed how some people just have images on their social media feeds that are just so…eyecatching? I’m going to show you how to do the exact same thing – create images to go along with your content that people will just want to click.

A word about headlines

While I’m not saying you should go for a shouty, cheesy headline, we can learn a lot from those promoted posts we see in the newsfeed. (you know the ones – 17 child celebrities who are now cats, no 7 will amaze you! etc.)

It is important to bear in mind that a headline that intrigues or makes folks want to know more is going to be more attention-grabbing than a clever or oblique headline.

Headline Analyser is a great tool to help you write a good, strong headline for your blog post (or any kind of content really).

It’s worth running your headline through it before creating your graphics and publishing your post to make sure you’re doing it justice. After all, you want as many eyes on your content as possible because that way you get the opportunity to help more folks.


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