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Testimonials are a pretty essential part of your business. They tell potential customers vital information about your skills and abilities and provide ‘social proof’ that you can do what you say you can.

In this short video, I walk you through all you need to know about getting great testimonials.

We’ve also provided you with some done for you scripts to make getting great testimonials a dream.

What we cover:Ā 

  • The vital ingredients for testimonials that will lead to more clients.
  • Questions to ask your clients to guarantee a good testimonial
  • How to go about asking for a testimonial (and an easy way to do it)
  • How to get testimonials even if you’ve never had any paying clients
  • What to do if you don’t hear back after you ask for a testimonial i.e. how to be persistent while still being charming šŸ™‚

Download The Scripts Below

Resources and Done For You Scripts

Testimonial Questions

This document includes a done for you post session email script and a set of questions you can download and modify to suit your needs – so you need never be short of what to ask again.

'Can I quote you?' email script

Simple and powerful – when a client says something fantastic about you, you’ll know what to say and how to capture it.

Live Event Feedback Questions

Here’s an easy way to get quotable feedback from your live events and workshops.

2nd Testimonial request (if client hasn't responded to first request.

Already asked for a testimonial but the client’s gone AWOL? Here’s a charming and non-pushy way to remind them.