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Welcome To The Meaningful Business Academy

The Community for Coaches, Healers & Holistic folk wanting to grow their business ethically & sustainably

Building a business can feel overwhelming.


There are SO MANY  things we’re told to do – and it can often feel like you’re going in circles trying ALL THE THINGS, and still not getting the results you want.

To make matters worse, you can feel like whenever you log onto Facebook or Instagram and you see the other coaches and healers living their #BestLives and it takes everything in your power not to spiral down into a ‘what’s the point?’ funk involving lots and lots of chocolate and carb based food stuffs.

It’s frustrating because if you just knew WHAT TO DO, you’re willing to work hard and make this happen.


And it’s not like you’re not trying already but with so many options and conflicting pieces of advice, you’re confused, exhausted and frustrated.

Darling, I’ve been there and it sucks. But here’s the good news …

There is no ONE blueprint or plan that will work for every business (and you wouldn’t want that anyway – you don’t want a business that’s a copy of someone else’s – you want one that reflects YOU).

BUT there are some tried and tested systems and approaches.

There ARE some more direct routes.

There ARE  ways you can save yourself time, angst and energy.


You can create your sustainable, profitable business with way more ease, in the company of fellow travellers.

All without selling your soul or turning into a cheesy, sleazy marketing bro.


Results? More clients, more income, more ease.

If the traditional, shouty business and marketing advice leaves you cold, we provide an alternative.

Here you’ll find solid marketing and business support with heart, soul, and community baked in.

No sleazy, manipulative tactics – just effective strategies for how you can attract more of the right clients, with less hustle and noise, and more ease and flow.

Allowing you to create a sustainable, business that does good in the world, without feeling like you’re selling your soul.

We’ve pulled together courses, classes, templates and plans – so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel or spend hours scouring the internet (then wondering if it was the right thing anyway).

You’ll find monthly coaching and co-working – so you’re never left flailing and you can get targeted help and focused time to work on your business.

AND you’ll get regular support and encouragement in our members-only Facebook group so you are NEVER left spinning your wheels and wondering what to do next.

Aligned, Human, and Ethical. Business, and marketing support for service based entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world.


You love what you do. Your practice and your craft are your loves but the ‘business’ side of things…is a bit tricky.

In fact, if you could push some kind of button and have clients magically arrive at your door (even if it’s a virtual door) then you’d be in heaven. But because the world doesn’t work like that, we’ve created The Meaningful Business Academy to be the next best thing.

This a place for new and emerging coaches, healers and holistic folks who are passionate about their craft and practice – but need some extra support around the business side of things.

It’s not that you can’t do it – but there’s a disconnect with much of the business advice out there – it feels brittle and shouty and a world away from how you want to run your business.

But it’s ok. You can do it another way and still be successful.

That’s what the Meaningful Business Academy was designed to show you.

Joining The Meaningful Business Academy has been the best step I’ve taken for my business!  I’ve already grown so much as a result of the group and your coaching and it hasn’t even been 1 month! 

I’m confident being part of this group – having group coaching calls, co-work sessions, and 1 more one-on-one call with you is going to keep me growing and heading in the right direction.  I know it will take time to get clients, but I feel like I’m getting there quicker thanks to you and I have a more clear direction and focus.

Jaclyn Zubiena

Health & Wellness Coach

Here’s What I Want You To Know:

Building a Business doesn’t have to be Difficult, Lonely or Sleazy.

And yet way too often that seems like the only option.

Working from home. Feeling isolated. Stumbling in the dark spending hours (Weeks? Months?) scouring the internet for the answers to our questions when all we really want to do is earn a great living doing the work we feel we were put here to do.

Truth time? You can only get so far doing it alone

Bootstrapping is awesome – but there comes a point when it’s not enough.

You not only need information and skills but accountability and support to take consistent action.

And doing on your own is LONELY. You spend hours spinning your wheels, getting caught in perfectionism, procrastinating and feeling like your marketing approach is a time-consuming exercise akin to throwing spaghetti at a wall.

The Meaningful Business Academy is designed to change all that.

This is the place you’ll find community, courses, coaching, co-working, and done for you resources – to help you get up and running in your business fast – without wasting countless hours searching the internet for mediocre resources and feeling like you’re fumbling your way in the dark.

Solid marketing and business support with heart, soul, and community baked in.

Here you won’t find sleazy, manipulative marketing – just effective strategies for how you can attract more of the right clients, with less hustle and noise, and more ease and flow.

Allowing you to create a sustainable, business that does good in the world, without feeling like you’re selling your soul.

‘Jo has created something special with the Meaningful Biz Academy. On the home page are the words ‘Welcome Home’…and that perfectly describes how it feels to be part of the Academy. It is like finding a home where I can thrive in my business.

In the Academy, Jo offers a treasury of extremely useful, relevant content that is delivered in ways that make doing the work of building a successful business an actual pleasure. Since joining the Academy I feel more inspired about taking my business forward than I have for some time.

I also love the fact that there are others who have also been attracted here by the idea of running their businesses in meaningful ways…and so the group that meets on calls and in the private Facebook group is warm-hearted, inspiring and very supportive. I am really glad to a be part of it.’ Josie Wood

I am so grateful for the content, the templates especially. The opportunity to work with others on a similar journey for support, cheerleading, and encouragement… This can be a lonely journey, so having a community to connect with feels so important.

I love that it’s called the Meaningful Academy because that is what I am wanting to create a Business that’s Meaningful for myself and others. ❤️ Lynne Cheetham

Creativity Coach

We believe business can be

Meaningful, Sustainable & Supported

Everything Jo Casey creates is top notch- the real deal, and I knew this would be no exception. I was right!
If you are intrigued at all, jump in and take a look. Give yourself the gift of wholesome business wisdom, down to earth tools and information, and an inspiring group of fellow meaningful business people to support you.
Jenny Mahan

Health And Wellness Coach, Pine Creek Wellness

Meaningful Biz Academy is the only “MBA” you will ever need as you begin your meaningful service-based business. I am blown away by how much is included:  courses, templates, scripts plus a built-in community and monthly coaching calls! It’s unlike anything that I’ve ever seen for anyone who is building a business with heart and soul. This is the resource that I wished I had when I started my own coaching practice. Liz Applegate

Life Coach & Podcaster, Midlife Schmidlife

What we do here:

When you’re in the early stages of building your service based business – whether you’re a coach, consultant, therapist or healer, the learning curve can be steep. We wanted to reduce that and address some of the other challenges we see other entrepreneurs wrestling with.



  • Feeling isolated and trying to figure it out on your own  – we provide a community of like-minded, brilliant healers and coaches – just like you.
  • Not knowing where to start – SO MANY OPTIONS! – We’ll guide you through with simple solutions.
  • Lack of business knowledge -We’ll give you the basics – enough to give you useful tools and systems but not so many you’ve no room for creativity.
  • Lack of marketing knowledge – We’ll give you ways to find, engage and inform your ideal clients – without having to spend every waking moment on social media.
  • Struggles with staying motivated – We’ve got tools to help you stay focused, inspired and right on track. oh and with a couple of ‘get back on the horse’ techniques too for the inevitable ‘this is all too hard’ days! Plus Get it done co-working days and live coaching to help you stay the course.
  • Knowing how to apply general advice to your specific issue – Your business is unique to you – but what strategies do you choose from the bazillion out there? We’ve got you covered.
  • Not having the funds to invest and outsource – but still wanting a great product/service to deliver – we’ve got built-in templates that are customizable for your business plus live coaching for when you need a bit of extra support.


I’m Jo Casey and I’ve created the Meaningful Business Academy to help you build your business in your way. 

I’ve pulled together the resources and so you can build your meaningful business,  in WAY less time than it would take to do on your own, not to mention less crying, eating chocolate and spending time talking to the washing machine.

I’m allergic to the shiny, perfect ‘push the pain points!’ style of marketing. I can’t bring myself to do it – and was determined to find viable alternatives. Turns out, it’s perfectly possible to grow a gorgeous, cozy, sustainable business without having to restort the yelling on the internet 24/7 – so that’s what I teach others to do too.

I’m a podcaster, speaker, trainer and certified coach. In addition to being British, I’m slightly nerdy and determined to help women overcome our feminine conditioning so we can step out, be seen, and thrive.

I specialise in helping service-based business owners do the self-development work needed to flourish in the online world, get more clients, and build meaningful businesses – all without having to resort to the dark arts or sleazy marketing tactics.

What I love most about the Meaningful Business Academy is the community. The working sessions, the group coaching calls, the Facebook group … there’s this amazing circle of entrepreneurs – drawn to making a difference – cheering each other on.

Somewhere to go and talk about the crazy fears that pop up, ask questions, request some accountability. And her resources – like masterclasses, scripts and templates (ohmygosh, these have saved me so much time) and courses are so, so helpful, too. Jo has created something uniquely useful and uplifting, here, and it’s helping me daily. Tracie Nichols

Holistic Coach

Community, Support, Tools & Training to help you build the authentic business you crave – on your own terms 

Here’s What’s Included In Your Membership:

Done For You Templates & Resources

From Client Agreements to scripts for awkward client conversations, There’s a whole library of resources you can download and use right away.

Think: Contracts, confidentiality agreements, Testimonial templates, privacy policies, client preparation forms – and more.

A Roadmap that guides you through the key pieces you need in place

A clear yet flexible system that will help get rid of the overwhelm and confusion and allow you to only focus on what works – for you.

Business & Marketing Courses

No more searching the internet for the right course to teach you the marketing basics – we’ve got courses that cover  things like:

  • How to create gorgeous graphics without having to hire a designer
  • The five key pages your website needs
  • How to easily create content – even if you’ve only got an hour per week
  • How to grow your audience
  • How to nail your elevator speech (and should like a human being while using it)
  • How to collect luscious testimonials (even if  your client has gone dark on you)
  • Social media marketing like a human.

Live Coaching

Getting objective feedback is crucial – but paying for dedicated business coaching can be more of an investment than you’re able to make right now.

As a member you’ll get access to our monthly group coaching calls – Need help knowing what the best next step for you is? Want live feedback on your packages or website copy? Got a mindset issue you could do with untangling? 

Bring it to the group call and get one on one help. No more struggling on alone and getting stuck in inaction.

Co-Working Sessions

One of the biggest challenges for solo business owners is staying focused and productive.

In the academy, we have virtual co-working sessions so you can have dedicated, productive time & make lasting connections with fellow entrepreneurs.

Masterclasses from Guest Experts

We have regular guest experts teaching masterclasses on subjects like.


  • How to grow your social media following
  • Finding your writing voice
  • How to write a book to build your business
  • How to Get PR for your business -even if you don’t have any media connections and zero budget.

A Super Friendly Community of Like Minded Business Owners

Get support, ask questions, find accountability, make connections and new friends.

Specially Created Meditations & Guided Hypnosis Recordings

Blast mindset blocks and help you stay in the right frame of mind for success.

If You Are Ready To Take Guided, Supported Action, You Are In The Right Place

The Meaningful Business Academy contains all of the tools I needed when I started my business – all in one place! From mindset help for the “this is too hard” days, to templates and answers to questions, I didn’t even know I would have. I would have saved MANY hours of googling and self-taught frustration if the MBA was around a few years ago! Lara Heacock

Leadership Coach, Lara and Kind Over

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